Guaranteed online payday loan -Get more info here for online payday lenders

Get more info here for online payday lenders

Apply for a business loan

Apply for a payday loan at the bank? Nowadays it is better to apply for payday loans online at homepage.

These platforms are countless. You will find them in an overview below. With a little efficient approach, you will receive the business loan within a day or two. Many loans from the more well-known platforms such as Funding Circle and Geldvoorelkaar are fully booked within 24 hours with investors for your business financing.

You do, however, pay extra costs on top of the interest for applying for a business loan. The interest is the amount that goes to the investors. You pay extra costs to the platform. The amount varies per platform and it is also different how the platforms calculate the costs. With one you pay a percentage on the amount to be borrowed. The other is a fixed amount.

The service also differs per platform. Some platforms prefer established companies, while on other platforms less well-known companies can turn to. Moreover, it is also about having a good match. Then take a good look around before you make a decision. In addition, you can also choose to work with an intermediary. There are plenty of crowdfunding consultants who can help you choose the right platform.

Reliable business credit

Reliable business credit

You can therefore quickly receive a business credit via these crowdfund platforms. But more importantly, you also run a lower risk with these new online business money borrowing platforms. At a bank it sometimes happens that it just cancels your loan. For example, because they suddenly find it too risky.

We saw this happen a lot in the period after 2008 of the credit crisis. Then you have to repay everything from the bank in one go. This can place you at great risk. At least you know where you stand with the online platforms.

The banks themselves know this all too well. They see less and less bread in business loans and are less able to compete with the online platforms. Instead of competing, they themselves will do more about crowdfunding. This is mainly due to the potential return for * private banking * customers. It simply delivers more to invest in crowdfunding.

Fast business credit

Fast business credit

As a self-employed person borrowing money quickly is also possible. You can request a mini loan immediately. You will not be asked for much data. You often have to pay back those mini-loans within 1 or 2 months and are relatively expensive.

Recently, there are also other options. There is Here you can also borrow large amounts, with a term of 6 or 9 months for example. These loans are also more expensive than normal loans. You pay a standard interest rate of 17 to 25 percent and on top of that also a 2.5% administration fee. If you need a loan quickly, it is therefore quite expensive, but the advantage is that you do not have to do paperwork. For example, you do not need an annual report, for example.

To be eligible for a loan at you do have the condition of a minimum of € 75,000 + revenue per year. If you cannot manage that, you can also consider applying for a self-employed loan with KredietVooruit. You do need customers who pay by debit card. You pay back the loan through debit card payments. provides credit ranging from € 3,000 to € 250,000 with a term of 3 or 6 months. Based on what best fits your situation. Repayment is flexible and automatic via a fixed percentage of your daily PIN turnover. If you run a higher turnover than average on a day, you pay faster. If the turnover is lower than normal, you pay less.

Pinvoorschot is another company that offers the same type of loans as Here too you can go for a loan, as long as you have cash flow. With Pinvoorschot, this can only be done through customers who pay by pin; with you can do this via debit card payments but also via invoicing.

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