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There are many reasons that lead a person to request money and many solutions available. In Good Finance we offer you a form of immediate financing to meet urgent needs, they are called mini-credits.



A mini-loan is a small loan in which communication channels are optimized and the waiting time to dispose of the money is minimized. The quantities requested are not very large: between 50 and 1000 euros. And the return period is short; less than 30 days In fact, in Good Finance we like to call advances to the quick mini-credits we grant. Because we advise that the moment of the return of the mini-credit be matched with the payment of the payroll.

When we talk about online mini-credits we refer to the credits that are requested via the Internet, the amount of which is limited, as well as the return time. But we go further. The Good Finance team also strives so that you can receive your mini-credit instantly. It is the philosophy of immediate money. Well, the goal is to meet urgent needs.

What is the mini credit for?

What is the mini credit for?

We do not think of mini-credit as a form of medium-term financing, but as a conducive tool to seize opportunities or avoid late payment interests. For example, some of our clients request a mini-loan when they have suffered the breakdown of their car and need an advance to deal with the bill. Or for more auspicious occasions such as taking advantage of an unrepeatable offer and replacing a damaged household appliance.

There are endless opportunities that arise and are allowed to escape because we do not have enough resources at that time, but that could be taken advantage of with a simple payroll advance. For that there are fast online mini-credits, with the advantage that they are faster and you know from the beginning what it costs you and the repayment term.

Can I request mini-credits without payroll?

Can I request mini-credits without payroll?

Yes. To request microcredits you must have a recurring income, but it does not necessarily have to be a payroll. You can be self-employed or unemployed or receive a state pension, and in such cases your application can also be approved.

Recurring income is a guarantee of the solvency of the client and, with our mini-credits, we want to help our clients, not to harm their financial situation. Keep in mind that mini credits, in case of default, may incur higher expenses and legal proceedings.

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