AI Unplugged: Top Podcasts for Insights and Interviews with Industry Leaders

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Podcasts have become an invaluable resource for staying updated on the latest trends and insights in the world of artificial intelligence (AI). Whether you’re an AI enthusiast, a professional working in the field, or simply curious about the impact of AI on various industries, podcasts offer a convenient and engaging way to gain knowledge. In this article, we will explore some of the top AI podcasts that provide in-depth discussions, interviews with industry leaders, and thought-provoking insights into the world of AI.

I. “AI Alignment Podcast”:
Hosted by Lucas Perry, this podcast dives into the alignment problem in AI, focusing on the challenge of ensuring that AI systems are aligned with human values. The show features discussions with AI researchers, policymakers, and philosophers, exploring the ethical and societal implications of AI.

II. “Talking Machines”:
Hosted by Katherine Gorman and Neil Lawrence, “Talking Machines” offers a mix of interviews, panel discussions, and expert insights on AI and machine learning. The podcast covers a wide range of topics, including cutting-edge research, industry applications, and the social impact of AI.

III. “The AI Alignment Podcast”:
Hosted by Rohin Shah, this podcast explores the alignment problem in AI from a technical perspective. It features interviews with AI researchers, discussing topics such as interpretability, robustness, and fairness in AI systems, and their implications for aligning AI with human values.

IV. “AI in Business”:
Hosted by Dan Faggella, “AI in Business” focuses on the practical applications of AI in various industries. The podcast features interviews with business leaders and AI experts, discussing topics like AI adoption strategies, use cases, and the impact of AI on business operations.

V. “The AI Ethics Podcast”:
Hosted by Mia Dand, “The AI Ethics Podcast” delves into the ethical considerations surrounding AI. The show features interviews with AI ethicists, policy experts, and industry leaders, exploring topics such as bias in AI, data privacy, and the responsible development and deployment of AI systems.

VI. “Data Skeptic”:
Hosted by Kyle Polich, “Data Skeptic” covers a wide range of topics in the realm of data science and AI. The podcast combines interviews with experts, explanations of complex concepts, and discussions on AI applications, providing valuable insights for both beginners and seasoned professionals.

VII. “AI Today”:
Hosted by Kathleen Walch and Ron Schmelzer, “AI Today” explores the practical applications and impact of AI across industries. The podcast features interviews with AI practitioners, discussing real-world use cases, challenges, and opportunities in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.

VIII. “The AI Alignment Newsletter Podcast”:
Hosted by Buck Shlegeris, this podcast is based on the AI Alignment Newsletter, which provides summaries and analysis of AI alignment research. The podcast features interviews with AI researchers, exploring topics related to long-term AI safety and the alignment problem.

IX. “The AI Element”:
Hosted by Chris Benson, “The AI Element” offers insights into AI technologies, applications, and trends. The show features interviews with AI experts and thought leaders, discussing topics like natural language processing, computer vision, and AI ethics.

X. “The TWIML AI Podcast”:
Hosted by Sam Charrington, “The TWIML AI Podcast” covers a wide range of AI-related topics, including deep learning, reinforcement learning, and AI for social good. The podcast features interviews with researchers, entrepreneurs, and industry experts, providing a comprehensive view of the AI landscape.

Podcasts have become an essential source of information and inspiration for anyone interested in AI. The podcasts mentioned above offer a wealth of insights, interviews, and discussions with industry leaders, researchers, and experts in the field. Whether you’re looking to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements, explore ethical considerations, or understand the practical applications of AI, these podcasts provide a valuable resource for deepening your understanding and staying connected to the evolving world of AI.



  1. Are these podcasts suitable for beginners in AI?
    Yes, many of these podcasts cater to both beginners and professionals in the AI field. They often provide explanations of complex concepts, interviews with experts covering a wide range of topics, and discussions that cater to different levels of understanding. Beginners can gain valuable insights and gradually deepen their knowledge as they explore more episodes.
  2. Can I access these podcasts for free?
    Most of these podcasts are available for free on popular podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or the podcast host’s website. However, some podcasts may offer premium content or additional resources for a fee. It’s best to check the respective podcast’s website or platform for specific details.
  3. How frequently are new episodes released?
    The frequency of new episodes varies for each podcast. Some podcasts have a regular release schedule, such as weekly or biweekly episodes, while others may release episodes less frequently. It’s a good idea to subscribe to yourPrincipal Keywords: AI podcasts, industry leaders, insights, interviews, AI enthusiasts
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