Outdoor Gear – How To Set Up Your Own Outdoor Basketball Court

Basketball is a great sport played both indoors on courts and outdoors on cement and other surfaces. Not everyone has access to an indoor basketball court, so your own outdoor court may be your only option. Playing basketball outdoors, however, will require the right gear to make it as much fun as playing indoors.

Choosing a basketball goal is the first priority. For a home with a driveway that has plenty of space for dribbling and running plays, the best goal best outdoor basketballs to get is the kind that can be screwed onto the wall of the house or over the garage door. This type of goal is simple to setup, but you will need a ladder and the appropriate tools to mount it on the wall. You will also need a friend’s help for this project; they will need to hold the goal for you while you attach it to the wall.

For houses without a garage or suitable wall, the same type of goal can be mounted on a pole cemented into the ground.

If you don’t want a permanent structure and need to be able to put your goal out of the way, you will need a portable one. This kind of goal is the most challenging to assemble, and can take anywhere between 5 hours to a full day, although once assembly is complete, you will have a premium basketball goal. The instructions will let you know what tools are needed to assemble the goal and before play, you will need fill the base with water to ensure that it is stable You can place this type of goal anywhere you want, and moving it around will be easy as it will have wheels on its base. An added advantage of this type of goal is that it can be adjusted to different heights to suit different players.

Once you have a goal, you will need a basketball. When picking an outdoor ball, avoid the cheap non-branded basketballs and go for one of the top brands like Wilson or Spalding. Depending on your ball, you may need air stems and a pump, however, a new kind of basketball is available now which has a built in pump arrangement To keep your ball in good condition, wash any accumulated dust from it, before storage.

Outdoor basketball games will need extra accessories around the court to help improve play. When playing indoors, many teams have music playing to help players run better. If this is your preference, run a lead outside for a radio or make sure you have good batteries. The music will not only encourage your team, it will also provide entertainment for spectators or sideline team members while they are waiting to play.

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